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The video from Unchain Utopia will be released on the same week that the album will be released. On the first week of May (;

I’ll be back soon with great news about the quantum enigma and unchain utopia video! (:

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Unchain Utopia
Epica · Unchain Utopia - Single
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New single and the official audio from UNCHAIN UTOPIA, from the upcoming new EPICA album, THE QUANTUM ENIGMA.

Vincent Georg Palotai.  “Vincent comes from Vincent Price. He’s this Horror/B-Movie actor from the 70′s, whom I like a lot. I love the very special atmosphere of these bizarre old movies. “The Abominable Dr. Phibes” for example. Tim Burton also did a short film with the title “Vincent”. It’s a story about a boy with the name Vincent and Vincent Price took over the part of the narrator. Georg is already the 6th or 7th Georg in a row in our family (Oliver) “

We asked Simone what she was doing and how it feels to be Mama. We received an enthusiastic response back: “Very nice! I’ve always wanted to have a baby and now it’s finally happened. It is sometimes a bit heavy and yet different, but I’m very happy, "When we asked if this is her life changed dramatically, they did not, but still a bit". I had quite a busy life with the band and with all the touring and stuff, but now the baby is born, there is some more regularity frankly. “Whether the baby go on tour? “No, we’re not even do that. Maybe occasionally sometimes for a club show, but certainly not on tour. If he himself later than meewil in this rock world, that he may hesitate but I still think it’s a little early for that. ” ♡
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Unchain Utopia
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Preview of the new single, Unchain Utopia that will be released on 4th April.